Cherry Angiomas in Birmingham

What Are They And How Can You Treat Them?

Cherry angiomas are a common skin irregularity that appear most often as small, bright red growths on the skin, the colour being caused by numerous dilated capillaries beneath the surface. While the name ‘cherry angioma’ is derived from the typical bright red colouring of these skin growths, they can range in colour from red to blue or purple. These irregularities are also sometimes referred to as Campbell de Morgan spots or senile angiomas, the latter name referring to the fact that these types of lesions are much more common in older adults.

They are usually smooth in texture, being flat or slightly raised from the skin, and can be as small as the size of a pinhead and as large as 5mm in diameter. Cherry angiomas can develop on any area of the body, but they are most common on the shoulders, torso, arms, and legs. If you have any and you are concerned about the health implications, then you might be relieved to know that cherry angiomas are a non-cancerous form of skin growth. A cherry angioma is usually easy to identify from other more serious skin conditions due to its unique colour and appearance, though it’s best to have the diagnosis verified by a dermatologist since some cancerous skin growths may look similar to cherry angiomas.


As there are so many causes of cherry angiomas, there are no proven ways to prevent them appearing, though overall positive lifestyle habits will be beneficial. This includes healthy eating, which should include eating your daily quota of fruit and vegetables, drinking ample amounts of water to stay hydrated, and avoiding excess consumption of alcoholic drinks. 

In terms of your diet, organic and unprocessed foods high on antioxidants are recommended, as well as eating natural iodine-rich foods such as yoghurts, prunes and strawberries, to protect your body and help rid it of toxins that might be associated with the formation of angiomas.



Cryosurgery is a safe, effective and clinically-proven procedure that is used to remove skin lesions including cherry angiomas, warts and skin tags. During the procedure, extremely cold liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy any abnormal skin tissue. CryOpen® is the precision instrument of choice to carry this out at Secret Aesthetics. The fine nib allows the targeting of any affected skin tissue with great accuracy, removing cherry angiomas while making sure that surrounding healthy tissue is left undisturbed.

Cutera® is the innovative leader in laser technology, trusted by aesthetics clinics worldwide. The pioneering technology of their excel HR machine uses lasers at a combination of wavelengths to remove pigmented and vascular lesions, such as cherry angiomas, without surgery, in the form of a pain-free treatment.

Cutera’s excel V is among the most advanced vascular lasers on the market. It delivers lasers on two wavelengths in micropulses that gently and safely target microvasculature to remove cherry angiomas while stimulating the process of creating more collagen, improving the appearance of wrinkles and other noticeable signs of ageing.

Cutera® ND:Yag takes its name from the crystal component that is used as part of the technology in this advanced laser aesthetics machine. The ND:yag crystal channels pulsed laser power for the effective removal of skin lesions. This surgery-free option is popular for the treatment of cherry angiomas, facial and leg veins, tattoo removal and to reduce the appearance of any skin pigmentation issues. ND:Yag offers immediately noticeable results with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.


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