Eczema in Birmingham

Advice on eczema treatment from Secret Aesthetics

Eczema (or Atopic Dermatitis) is a condition where the skin is very dry because it is unable to retain enough moisture to function as it should. This dryness creates an increased sensitivity, making the skin more likely to react to certain triggers, causing it to become sore and itchy.

You may be born with an increased likelihood of developing eczema because of the genes you inherit from your parents. Eczema is not infectious, so it cannot be passed on through close contact, though most people who have it will seek treatment due to the discomfort and irritation it causes.

The overall approach to eczema treatment needs to be a stepwise one, with the treatment being administered through a series of treatment stages.


Eczema treatment needs to be carried out by a medical dermatologist, as patients with eczema have highly sensitive skin that can be further sensitised or irritated by certain ingredients. As medical professionals with extensive experience and knowledge, Secret Aesthetics will take you through a detailed consultation to best understand your condition. They do so in order to ascertain any ingredients that might cause an adverse reaction and to work out if there are any factors that trigger your eczema. Depending on your individual condition. they may advise on a number of different treatments.


If your eczema is the type that flares up, then topical steroids may be recommended. Topical steroids are steroid creams, ointments and lotions that contain steroid medicines, working by reducing inflammation in the skin.

Protopic is a topical macrolide immunosuppressant. It works by decreasing cell activity in your body’s immune system, which helps to slow down the growth of eczema on your skin. Protopic ointment is usually used on a short-term basis to treat moderate to severe eczema.

Profilho® is an injectable that is traditionally used to address poor skin texture, tone and mild sagging of the face by naturally stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. While it shares some of the characteristics of dermal fillers, it also contains very high levels of hyaluronic acid to provide hydration of the skin at a deep level.


Whichever treatment plan and medications Secret Aesthetics prescribe, there are steps you can take at home to increase the effectiveness of your eczema treatment, and it is always Secret Aesthetics’ aim to provide an ideal and bespoke solution that works the best for your skin type and your individual concerns. Please get in touch with us to schedule your consultation. You can call Secret Aesthetics on 0121 616 6023 to speak to a member of the friendly team. If you’d prefer, email them at and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, it’s quick and easy to book online.

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