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Erase "Smoker's Lines" and Rediscover Youthful Lips:

Perioral lines, often referred to as "Smoker's Lines" or "Lipstick Lines," are those fine lines that tend to emerge and eventually become permanent as a result of repeated puckering and smoking.

These lines form around your lips, particularly when you make the ‘O’ shape with your mouth. At Secret Aesthetics in Birmingham, we offer a solution to rejuvenate your lips and diminish the appearance of these bothersome lines.

Understanding the Ageing Process:

The ageing process impacts each of us differently, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles at various stages of our lives.

These lines, regardless of their origin, are a consequence of muscle use over time and are most noticeable when we engage specific facial expressions. We commonly refer to these lines as “dynamic lines,” and they are precisely the lines we target with our anti-wrinkle injections.

The Science Behind Botox for the Mouth:

Botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox, is a purified neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

This remarkable substance works by blocking impulses to muscles, effectively limiting their movement. At Secret Aesthetics, we use clinical-grade cosmetic Botox, a prescription-only medication meticulously extracted, purified, and diluted from its original paralytic form. Once administered, Botox temporarily weakens the contraction of the targeted muscle. This results in the softening and relaxation of the lines and wrinkles caused by the underlying muscle, leaving you with a noticeably smoother and more youthful appearance.

While there’s currently no known reversal agent for Botox, the body naturally breaks down the toxin over several months, allowing gradual muscle movement to return. The key benefit is that by reducing muscle movement in these overactive areas, the skin has the opportunity to rest and recover, ultimately softening and fading away those pesky creases and wrinkles.

Tailored Botox Treatment for You:

The beauty of Botox lies in its adaptability.

Depending on your unique desires, the dose and treatment plan can be adjusted to achieve a natural softening of expressions and lines or a complete smoothing of skin texture. During the initial years of treatment, more frequent sessions may be needed to “re-educate” the muscles.


We highly recommend starting Botox before your dynamic lines have the chance to transform into deep static lines—those that remain visible even without expression. The ideal timing can vary from person to person, influenced by factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices (like smoking), and sun exposure. In essence, the sooner you address these lines, the more manageable and less invasive the correction process will be.

Botox also serves as a proactive measure to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from becoming deeply etched into your skin. This preventive approach is particularly beneficial for those with a genetic predisposition to develop these lines.

The Botox Procedure:

Your journey to smoother, more youthful lips begins with a comprehensive consultation at Secret Aesthetics.

During this session, our doctor will conduct a facial analysis and evaluate your medical history while taking your personal expectations into account.

The treatment itself involves precisely controlled doses of Botox, administered intramuscularly using a microneedle. While the procedure is generally not painful, you may experience a stinging discomfort. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the number of areas treated but is usually completed within 15 minutes.

Potential Side Effects of Botox:

Immediately following the procedure, common side effects may include tenderness and redness in the treated area, which can persist for up to 72 hours.

Some individuals may experience a headache, usually resolving within 48 hours. While bruising at injection points is typically minimal, its severity can vary among individuals. To reduce this risk, we perform a thorough medical evaluation and advise limiting alcohol intake 48 hours before and after the procedure to aid recovery.

Your Botox Results:

Results usually become apparent within 4-10 days after the treatment. If you do not observe your desired end result within 14 days, additional treatment may be necessary.

Typically, the results last between 3 to 6 months. It’s important to note that during the initial stages of treatment, you may notice some muscle movement returning after approximately 1 month. This variation in timing is normal and may necessitate adjustments in future Botox doses. With regular treatments over several years, many clients find that they require less frequent top-ups.

Post-Treatment Care for Botox:

To optimise your results and ensure a smooth recovery, we recommend the following aftercare:

– Avoid touching, applying makeup, massaging, or rubbing the treated areas for 12 hours, including any facials. This minimizes the risk of Botox spreading from its targeted area.

– Refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours.

– Stay away from extensive sun exposure and heat, including hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms, for 48 hours.

– Abstain from alcohol for 24 hours to reduce the risk of bruising and Botox spreading from its targeted areas.

Please wait for at least 7 days before considering any chemical peels, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion for the treated area.

Other treatable areas with Botox include:

Treatable Areas

Frown Lines – Lines in between our eyebrows. As the name suggests, they become apparent when frowning. Also known as the 11 lines or glabellar lines

Crows Feet – Lines that develop around the outer corner of our eyes, often become visible when we smile

Eye bag Wrinkles – Creases seen underneath and around our eyes more medial than crows feet. This treatment is often complimented with our 3-in-1 Eye Rejuvenation or with Crows Feet treatment

Cobblestone Chin – Ever noticed a bumpy uneven texture to your chin when you’re lifting your lips? Try pursing your lips together or pouting. If you notice dimpling of the skin that is bothering you, Botox can be injected to smooth the skin texture out

Bunny Lines  – Wrinkles seen on the sides of the nose, often when smiling or scrunching your tightly.

Gummy Smile – The effects of a strong levator labii muscles, causing gums to show when smiling.

Eyebrow Lift – In some people, a lift can be created on the ends of the eyebrows by injecting Botox in specific areas of the forehead and outer eye.

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