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How does Corrective Aesthetics work?

Hyaluronidase also known as Hyalase is a prescription-only medication that works as an enzyme which catalyses the breakdown of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is the key ingredient of the majority of clinical-grade dermal fillers injected commercially today.

Hyaluronan is naturally hydrolysed by the body in the extracellular matrix over time. Dermal fillers often dissolve over several months to years. The injection of exogenous reconstituted hyalase speeds up this breakdown in the targeted area over days by lowering the viscosity of the HA and increasing its permeability through the tissue membrane so that it can be broken down and absorbed by the body at a much faster rate.

Please note, this does not work on, nor is there a reversal agent available for calcium hydroxylapatite-based (Radiesse) or poly L-lactic acid-based (Sculptra) dermal fillers or permanent fillers like Aquamid.

The Correcting Procedure:

You will begin with a consultation, facial analysis and evaluation of your medical history and personal expectations by our doctor.

You will always have a patch test to check for a reaction to hylase first.

The solution is mixed and injected through multiple needle points or the area of concern flooded with hyaluronidase via a cannula.

**If you are developing signs of an anaphylactic reaction please call 999.

Corrective Aesthetics Side Effects:

The injection itself is known to sting.

Immediately after you may experience: redness and swelling in the treated area. If present this can last 72 hours.

Bruising can develop at injection points. Although usually minimal, it is not uncommon to get significant bruising. Some individuals are more prone to bruising naturally and take longer for the bruise to heal. We do a thorough medical evaluation before hand to reduce the risk of this but also advise limiting alcohol intake for 48 hours pre and post procedure to aid recovery.

Although rare, allergy to hylase is possible. Immediate signs of which is monitored during our administration however please note allergic reactions can be delayed and if this occurs where breathing is an issue, or cardiovascular complications develop 999 will need to be called. Otherwise rare simple reactions such as a rash, itching etc can be settled with anti-histamines. If in doubt your clinician can be contacted.

Results for Corrective Aesthetics:


Usually visible within 48-72 hours

Aftercare for Corrective Aesthetics :

Please refrain from touching or rubbing the treated areas for 12 hours. Avoid makeup for 12 hours. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours.

You cannot have dermal fillers for a minimum of 1 week after the hylase is injected but we usually advise 10 days and up to 2 weeks if there is significant bruising.

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