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Experience Lasting Beauty with Ellanse:

If you desire enduring and natural results, Ellanse is the ideal choice for you.

This remarkable dermal filler combines the characteristics of a typical gel-like filler with a synthetic material known as polycaprolactone (PCL). PCL is a biocompatible substance used in various medical devices, including sutures and implants. What sets Ellanse apart is its ability to stimulate your body’s innate collagen production through the use of ‘microspheres,’ delivering results that are not only longer-lasting but also exquisitely natural. By triggering your natural collagen production, Ellanse offers enduring results that manifest both under and within your skin. With Ellanse, you enjoy the immediate benefits of a filler’s gel consistency, followed by long-term results from enhanced collagen production—truly the best of both worlds.

The Science Behind Ellanse:

Ellanse operates by kickstarting collagen production in your skin.

Collagen, a naturally occurring protein in your body, is responsible for providing structure and elasticity to your skin. However, as you age, your body produces less collagen, leading to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Ellanse counters this process by stimulating collagen production, which restores your skin’s volume and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Understanding Collagen Types:

In the skin, collagen primarily exists in two forms:

– Collagen Type 1: This collagen type serves as the primary structural component of the skin.

– Collagen Type 3: Collagen Type 3 plays a crucial role in the healing and repair processes of the skin.

The natural ageing process results in an annual loss of approximately 1% of collagen in adult life. By the age of 35, you experience a 15% reduction, which increases to 35% by the age of 55. Ellanse counters this collagen loss, enhancing skin elasticity, quality, and radiance, even after 12 months.

Your Ellanse Journey:

Embark on your Ellanse journey with a comprehensive consultation.

During this session, our doctor will attentively listen to your skin concerns and desired outcomes. We will assess your suitability for Ellanse and explore all available options to ensure your individual needs are met.

Ellanse is then skillfully injected under your skin, much like any other dermal filler. The procedure may involve the use of a small needle or a cannula. You will experience immediate results due to the filler’s gel-like consistency, and over time, collagen production will further enhance the results, lasting for up to 2 years.

The entire procedure typically takes no longer than 20 minutes, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

Areas Treated with Ellanse :

Ellanse is a versatile treatment that can address volume loss in various areas. However, it is not recommended for use in the nose, lips, or tear trough.

Ellanse excels in areas where sculpting and volume are required. Some of the treatable areas include:

– Nasolabial folds

– Marionette lines

– Cheeks

– Jawline

– Chin

– Temples

– Hands

Number of Treatments needed for Ellanse:

The number of treatments required varies from person to person.

Generally, younger individuals with less volume loss may require fewer treatments. In most cases, a single treatment suffices. The number of syringes required depends on the extent of volume loss and the number of areas being treated. Our doctors will conduct a thorough assessment and provide a personalised treatment plan during your consultation.

Ellanse or Sculptra?

The Choice is Yours

– Ellanse: Perfect for those seeking immediate volume enhancement and results that endure for up to 2 years, Ellanse is often described as a long-lasting dermal filler. This option is suitable for individuals with volume loss in specific areas.

– Sculptra: Designed for individuals with multiple areas of concern, Sculptra offers a comprehensive approach. Sculptra gradually reveals results over 4-6 months, offering a more natural onset. Results with Sculptra can also last up to 2 years, making it an excellent choice for individuals with widespread volume loss.

Our expert doctors will assist you in making the best decision on the day of your consultation.

Caring for Your Skin After Ellanse:

After your Ellanse treatment, you can apply ice packs within the first 24 hours to reduce inflammation, although this is not obligatory.

To ensure even product distribution and minimise lumps, massage your entire face and neck for 5 minutes, five times a day, over five days, using a moisturising cream. Avoid using vitamin A-based creams for 24 hours after treatment and acid-based products for the same duration to allow your skin to settle and breathe. Steer clear of sun exposure, tanning, and extreme temperatures until redness subsides.

Ellanse Suitability:

Ellanse is not recommended for pregnant women.

Individuals with active skin conditions should consult their doctor to determine suitability.

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