Endolift Non-Surgical Facelift in Birmingham



Face, Jaw, Neck, Body, Cellulite, Stomach


45 Minutes


Variable up to 72hrs
Some able to resume normal activities immediately
Swelling and numbness can last a few weeks


Fat Melting - Permanent
Skin Tightening - 2-3 years


Redness, Swelling, Pain


£1499 (currently 25% off, normally £1,999)


Advanced GMC registered Doctor


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What is Endolift?

Dubbed the ‘no scalpel, no scarring, no threads’ facelift and featured on the TV show ’10 Years Younger in 10 Days’, ENDOLIFT is considered the future of minimally invasive face and body skin tightening and contouring.

ENDOLIFT is the all-in-one powerhouse, superior to Radiofrequency and HIFU, it enables both a fat melting and tissue tightening mode in the same treatment setting allowing for the simultaneous lifting, contouring and slimming of various parts of the face and body.

Depending on your specific treatment goals, ENDOLIFT can be combined with other aesthetic treatment modalities.

Although this is a laser-based modality, it is suitable for all skin types.

This procedure yields medical-grade results and unlike Radiofrequency and HIFU, ENDOLIFT can ONLY be conducted by a doctor.

Radiofrequency and HIFU are limited to how much tightening and felt melting they can do, as they work from the outside of the skin hence they need multiple treatments because the skin acts as a barrier to how much energy can reach the deep tissues. ENDOLIFT on the other hand is inserted under your skin in a painfree method, and works inside the tissue, directly at the source, therefore requires only 1 session, and lasts 8 times longer than Radiofrequency and HIFU.

Secret Aesthetics is proud to be Birmingham’s premier and only ENDOLIFT centre

The Science behind Endolift:

ENDOLIFT works on the skin’s interstitium and deepest layer – the hypodermis – at a wavelength of 1470nm.

The laser interacts selectively with water and fat. The energy from the laser is released at the tip of the optic fibre under the skin creating micro-channels which produce skin retraction vectors within the targeted treatment areas. The end results are derived from a combination of neocollagenesis, retraction of the connective septum, lipolysis and metabolic changes of the extracellular matrix. This combination allows for immediate results that continue to improve over several months and last several years with the production of an intense amount of collagen.

The Endolift Procedure at Secret Aesthetics:

You will begin with a consultation, facial and/or body analysis, evaluation of your medical history and personal expectations by our doctor to ensure that you are a candidate for this procedure.

A bespoke plan is made for you which may include the addition of a combination of modalities to achieve your desired look. Prior to any treatment, your clinician will take baseline photos and/or videos.

On the day of the treatment, the area is cleansed and a sterile technique employed. The area is marked out and a small amount of local anaesthesia injected. Although this is optional, it is done to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you. (A cooling system is also used to aid further comfort). As this is a laser-based modality, protective eye shields will be applied prior to commencing. The laser is then inserted in to the skin via a hair-thin single-use micro fibre optical wire which is passed back and forth underneath the skin. You may hear a crackling noise as targeted fat cells are melted.

What areas can be treated with Endolift?

Multiple areas of the face including the jaw, fat under chin, cheeks, and neck.

Multiple areas of the body including stubborn pockets of fat in the abdomen, ‘tummy’, ‘love handles’, ‘bingo wings’, inner thighs, knees and ankles

Cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.

How many Endolift treatments are needed?

In the majority of cases only 1 treatment is required.

A second treatment can be repeated within the first 12 months without any issues if deemed appropriate by your treating doctor.

Are there any side effects of Endolift?

Immediately you may experience redness and swelling.

This usually settles within a few days to a maximum of 2 weeks but varies from person to person and is usually only noticeable by yourself as it is subtle in most cases. Numbness in the treated areas can also last for some weeks.


The treatment is painless as it is under the skin therefore below the pain fibres, however, to be sure, we use a local anaesthetics to numb out the area completely.

Bruising is also possible at the insertion site.

Endolift Results:

Depending on the areas treated, early results can sometimes be visible immediately, however, the most significant changes are noticed at 3-6 months and full results are appreciated after 9-12 months hence the results process with ENDOLIFT has the ability not only to begin immediately but continue over several months from just 1 session!

Please note, as with all procedures in aesthetic medicine, the response and the duration of the effect is highly variable and multifactorial. A key part of this treatment is collagen stimulation. The extent of a collagen induction response is always hard to determine.


It is important to note that ENDOLIFT is not designed to remove large amounts of fat, or to be a substitute for exercise and a healthy diet.


The fat-melting results should be considered permanent if you follow a healthy diet with a balanced lifestyle.


The skin tightening effects have been observed up to 4 years but on average last 2-3 years.

Additionally, no procedure – surgical or non-surgical – can alter the natural ageing process and the normal changes seen with this.

Suitability for Endolift:

This treatment is not performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with intolerances or allergies to certain anaesthetics, certain autoimmune diseases and active skin diseases in the area of concern.

Your general medical health will always be weighed up against any treatment by us and if the doctor feels you are not suitable for any other reason, this will be explained to you on the day of your consultation.

Aftercare for Endolift:

Post-procedure you will be free to go and resume normal activities or even get back to work.

The Endolift procedure is painless however if there is any pain it is safe to take paracetamol.

Most people choose to return to normal activities immediately. Downtime can take up to 72 hours. Swelling can vary from person to person but is mild and not noticeable as much other than by yourself.

Bruising is rare with Endolift but resolves quickly if it occurs within a few days.

Some people feel numbness around the jawline, this is normal and resolves.

We recommend the avoidance of strenuous exercises, hot baths/saunas/steam rooms and alcohol for 3 days post-procedure.

We will review you post-treatment depending on the areas treated.

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