Mesotherapy in Birmingham


Face, Hair, Neck, Body


15-45 mins (depending on area treated)




Redness, Swelling, Bruising


£300 per session or £1400 for course of 6


Advanced GMC registered Doctor or NMC registered Nurse


Free Complimentary Mailbox Parking
Additional privacy facility available upon request
24/7 access to Royal College of Emergency Medicine doctor for all post care emergencies

What is Mesotherapy?

Imagine if it were possible to put your hero skincare ingredients directly into the skin where it is needed?

Mesotherapy is the technique of injecting a cocktail of key skin ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, minerals and acids directly into the dermis. The concept behind mesotherapy was first established in 1952 by Dr Michael Pistor.

By bypassing the top layer of the skin, mesotherapy allows for the immediate delivery and absorption of these ingredients. Unlike microneedling where microchannels are created and a topical solution of ingredients added in the hopes that it will be soaked up, with mesotherapy, each tiny hole created, directly delivers the solution in to the dermis.

The simultaneous creation of tiny holes stimulates collagen production at the same time, much like microneedling.

We use bespoke combinations of ‘hero’ ingredients to target your individual skin needs. This results in a variety of outcomes depending on the cocktail used:

  • Brighter, glowing skin
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement in hyperpigmentation
  • Improvement in dark circles and undereye puffiness           

The Mesotherapy Procedure:

You will have an initial consultation including a full analysis of your medical history and treatments goals.

A bespoke treatment plan will be curated for you using a personalised mix of vitamins and minerals.

The skin is cleansed and multiple tiny superficial injections are delivered using a very fine needle. We use a mesogun to make this process fast and virtually painless. The mesogun also ensures the needles are being delivered at the correct depth with each injection in each treatment area. This is important because we are trying to target the dermis. The depth of the dermis varies in different parts of the face and body.

This usually does not require any numbing agents but we are able to apply a topical numbing cream if you would like.

Before and after pictures are always taken at each appointment to monitor your results.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy:

Redness, mild swelling and bruising at the injection points is possible.

As the injections are quite superficial, you may notice superficial raised blebs that settle within a few hours.

Mesotherapy Results:

ome clients notice results after 1 session.

Others see an improvement in skin health after a few sessions. We recommend a course of 6 sessions, 2 weeks apart for optimal results. After a short course, we recommend maintenance every 6-12 months depending on your response.

Aftercare for Mesotherapy:

Avoid touching or rubbing the treated area for at least 24hrs to minimise the risk of infection.

This includes avoiding makeup for 24 hours. Avoid intense heat ie) hot showers/saunas/steam rooms/strenuous exercise for 48 hours. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours post-procedure.

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