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Rediscover Your Ideal Jawline with the Quick Face Slim:

Some individuals naturally possess a broad-set jaw, which can be attributed to their underlying bone structure, enlarged facial muscles, or a combination of both.

While a square jaw is often admired, others may aspire to achieve a V-line silhouette or a more slender square-cut jawline. At Secret Aesthetics, we introduce the Quick Face Slim, a specialized approach tailored to your preferences, utilising precise doses of Cosmetic Botox strategically.

Understanding the Science Behind the Quick Face Slim:

Botulinum toxin type A, commonly referred to as Botox, is a purified neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Its mechanism involves blocking impulses to muscles, thereby restricting their movement. Our clinical-grade cosmetic Botox is a prescription-only medication, expertly extracted, purified, and diluted from the original paralytic agent. Once administered, it temporarily weakens the contraction of targeted muscles. While there’s currently no reversal agent for Botox, the body naturally breaks it down over several months, allowing gradual muscle movement restoration.

The Quick Face Slim Procedure at Secret Aesthetics:

Your journey to a refined jawline begins with a comprehensive consultation, facial analysis, and a thorough review of your medical history and personal aesthetic aspirations by our experienced doctor

Based on your unique facial features, the doctor will curate a personalised treatment plan.

The treatment itself involves precise, controlled doses of Botox administered using a microneedle into strategically targeted areas, as determined by your customized plan. The procedure is typically completed in under 15 minutes. Achieving your desired outcome may require multiple sessions, depending on your aesthetic goals.

Possible Side Effects of Botox:

Following the procedure, you may commonly experience tenderness and temporary redness in the treated area, which typically subsides within 72 hours.

While bruising at the injection sites is usually minimal, some individuals may be more prone to bruising and experience extended healing times. At Secret Aesthetics, we conduct a comprehensive medical evaluation to minimise this risk. Additionally, we advise limiting alcohol intake for 48 hours before and after the procedure to support a smoother recovery.

Your Face Slimming Results:

Results from the Quick Face Slim typically become noticeable within four weeks, with effects lasting up to six months or even longer after multiple sessions.

To optimise your results and maintain your rejuvenated jawline, we recommend:

– Avoiding touching, applying makeup, massaging, or rubbing the treated areas for 12 hours, including facials.

– Refraining from exercise for 24 hours.

– Avoiding extensive sun exposure and heat, such as hot showers, saunas, and steam rooms, for 48 hours.

– Abstaining from alcohol for 24 hours.

Please wait at least 14 days before considering chemical peels, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion.

Other treatable areas with Botox include:

Treatable Areas

Forehead Lines – Also known as ‘Horizontal lines’ are lines which appear and eventually become permeant from repeated raising of the eye brows.

Frown Lines – Lines in between our eyebrows. As the name suggests, they become apparent when frowning. Also known as the 11 lines or glabellar lines

Eye bag Wrinkles – Creases seen underneath and around our eyes more medial than crows feet. This treatment is often complimented with our 3-in-1 Eye Rejuvenation or with Crows Feet treatment

Cobblestone Chin – Ever noticed a bumpy uneven texture to your chin when you’re lifting your lips? Try pursing your lips together or pouting. If you notice dimpling of the skin that is bothering you, Botox can be injected to smooth the skin texture out

Bunny Lines  – Wrinkles seen on the sides of the nose, often when smiling or scrunching your tightly.

Gummy Smile – The effects of a strong levator labii muscles, causing gums to show when smiling.

Eyebrow Lift – In some people, a lift can be created on the ends of the eyebrows by injecting Botox in specific areas of the forehead and outer eye.

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