Telangiectasia or Broken Veins in Birmingham

How to prevent Broken Veins and treatments available at Secret Aesthetics

Telangiectasia is the term given to very fine red veins near the surface of the skin. Other names for this condition are broken veins, spider veins, or thread veins. These veins can appear at any age to any person, developing when pressure inside the affected veins increases, causing the ones close to the surface of the skin to become more visible.


Those most at risk will most likely have a genetic link, having previous generations in the family that will have had the condition. 

If you suffer from rosacea, broken veins are a known symptom of that condition, usually appearing as patches of vessels on the cheeks and forehead. 

Those that spend prolonged periods of time being exposed to UV rays from the sun also have a tendency to develop broken veins, including those who work outside and those that regularly take part in outdoor sports. 

Allergy sufferers will have an increased chance of being susceptible to broken veins around the nose due to additional pressure in the sinus area from inflammation caused by trapped mucus. 

Extreme changes in weather are also a factor, as they can affect circulation and cause blood vessels to suddenly burst, creating a spidery array of broken veins. 

Hormonal influences in pregnancy can result in spider telangiectasia, though they are often only temporary, disappearing shortly after giving birth.


While you might not be able to fully control them (especially if they are hereditary), there are steps that you can take to minimise their appearance or the likelihood of telangiectasia appearing. 

One of the best ways to prevent broken veins is to protect your skin from the sun. Apply sunscreen, not only on hot days but all year round, as UV rays can still be damaging even on overcast days or when there’s little direct sunlight. When you’re outside when the sun is at its hottest, wear a wide-brimmed hat to provide your face and neck with shade.

There are lifestyle choices that you can implement, too. Both smoking and drinking can have an adverse effect on blood pressure, while excessive alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage. In turn, this can manifest itself in broken veins, especially around the nose. By not smoking and by limiting your alcohol intake, you can prevent the appearance of unsightly veins while promoting good general health.  

Broken veins themselves actually pose no health problems, and although they are usually the result of blood pressure issues, they don’t lead to any other further health complications. However, you may wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons, to improve your complexion and to increase your self-confidence.


At Secret Aesthetics we recommend Cutera® ND:Yag for the treatment of broken veins. The ND:Yag crystal in the machine channels pulsed laser power for the effective removal of skin lesions. This non-surgical option is popular for the treatment of broken veins, cherry angiomas, facial and leg veins, tattoo removal and to reduce the appearance of any skin pigmentation issues. Cutera® ND:Yag offers immediately noticeable results with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.


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